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Mailing Address

P. O Box 3710

Frederick, MD 21705

Street Address

116 E. 2nd Street

Frederick, MD 21701


Board of Trustees

  • William G. Milani, President
    Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Ret.
  • Cary H. Plamondon, VP
    Attorney and Community Volunteer
  • David M. Grove, Secretary 
  • Michael P. Kinley

  • Rev. Kevin Farmer
    St. John the Evangelist & St. Joseph-on-Carrolton Manor ~ Archdiocesan Representative
  • Dr. Carol L. Hinds
    Mount Saint Mary's University
  • Tracy Hickman                          Matney Construction
  • Toni Edwards                           St. Joseph-on-Carrolton Manor Church
  • David Miller
    Verity Commercial
  • Dr. Bernadette Emerson
    The Visitation Academy, Ret.
  • Michael C. O'Connor
    Mayor, City of Frederick, MD
  • Frank Lipscomb
    Edward Jones Financial
  • John P. O'Boyle
    Richter & Associates
  • Tim O'Boyle
    Mackintosh Realtors
  • Brian Riesett
    PERI Formwork Systems


Executive Director

Business Manager

  • Michele Corr
  • Jennifer Murphy   

Advisory Board

  • Albert Edwards
  • Donald N. Briggs
  • Michael J. McGowan
  • Mary J. Fourcade
  • Dr. James A. Merkel
  • William J. Mohan
  • Daniel Kurtenbach
  • Bernard L. Grove
  • Leo Rocca, Jr.
  • Martin W. Snyder
  • Rev, Larry Frazier